Driving through the wheat

©Kathleen Friesen, 2011

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3 Responses to Driving through the wheat

  1. Jon says:

    Love the lines of the poles through the picture!

  2. shirleyhs says:

    I remember these expansive fields of green and gold from the summer we spent in Wichita in 1977. Love the panoramic, horizantal scope. Willa Cather was afraid of all this space after moving from Winchester, VA,to the Nebraska prairie. She said she was afraid she would die in a wheat field (or was it a corn field?).

    • friesengroup says:

      Thank you for your comment. (Another Cather aficianado?!) Yes, Cather was afraid she would die in a corn field. Since moving to Kansas, I’ve come to experience the wheat fields, some greater than one mile long, as green seas of waving grass. I try to imagine the prairie as it was when it was a vast inland sea.

      My Mom grew up in Nebraska as did Cather, where corn reigns supreme. I treasure a photo of my grandfather and me standing together at the edge of a corn field with the corn stalks towering above us in mid-August. I suspect that there you could go into a corn field and die before you found your way out again.

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