Quote – eight

evening coming
people rushing home to change
into other lives

“Passing Through: A Haiku Sequence”
by Cor van den Heuvel

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2 Responses to Quote – eight

  1. shirleyhs says:

    I’ve been immersed in Haiku since the Sonia Sanchez seminar I recently attended. Yours above is a good one for our contemporary world. I can only imagine the good conversations you could draw out of people in a corporate setting with these words.

    Tomorrow’s blog post at 100memoirs.com will offer more haiku. Hope you get to read it.

    Thanks for sharing this one!

    • friesengroup says:

      Thank you for your note here. It does draw interesting discussions. I ask the question, “How do we bring our whole self to work?”

      I’m looking forward to your post on haiku and poetry. Hopefully some of my readers will head over to 100memoirs.com to read further.

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