Illinois – Guest Post

©Elizabeth Miller, 2011

Although this photograph looks very traditional, the subject is unique. I took the photo while standing next to a subdivision. The developers originally planned to put a water retention pond here. But instead, several environmental, governmental, and development organizations worked together to create a wetland rehabilitation space. As a result, the stream that runs through that land has seen an exponential increase in the number of species of fish that live there! The bales in the picture are not of hay, but of all the grasses and plants that grew there over the summer. A bio-mass company will buy them for fuel production. – Elizabeth Miller

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  1. Friesen Group says:

    From Lynette Miller, via email,

    (This is a place that was part of my) Master Naturalist class. This is a subdivision on the east side of Bloomington (Illinois). The town of Bloomington received a grant from the federal government to do this project instead of a retention pond and it has been a huge success and a model for other communities. To put in “meandering” streams that take water from a large watershed, including quite a bit of farmland, and plant native wetland plants along the edges of the bank has remarkably filtrated run-off from the subdivision and trapped sediment, so that there has been significant improvement in Kickapoo Creek, for which it is the headwaters.

    The biomass is used for biofuel by a company from Indiana after the seeds are harvested.

    A program on this project:

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